Postdoc Positions

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, NASA’s next flagship mission in astrophysics, will be launch-ready in October 2026. The Roman Project Infrastructure Teams (PITs) have sustained funding to partner with the Science Centers in developing the infrastructure needed by the community to pursue Roman’s ambitious science goals. The Roman Galaxy Redshift Survey (GRS) PIT seeks postdoctoral scholars to join our team as Roman Junior Scientists, with work focused on deliverables to the NASA Roman Project. 

Our team includes lead scientists from Euclid and DESI. Team members will closely collaborate and frequently interact with each other. Roman GRS Junior Scientists will be actively mentored, and given opportunities to represent the team at major conferences. They will retain team membership upon completion of their terms, provided they continue being active on the team.

Each Roman GRS Junior Scientist position has a 3-year term, renewed annually upon satisfactory performance, subject to the availability of funding. We anticipate open positions on the following tasks; each will be based at the institution indicated. Applicants are invited to apply to any positions matching their training and interests. 

The application must include: cover letter, CV, publications list, and statement of research experience and interests (1-3 pages). Three reference letters should be emailed directly by the references to the same email addresses as the applications. The contacts below are for science-related inquiries only; applications should be sent to the address given in the ad for each position (linked when available).

1. Grism data simulation and analysis & Cosmological analysis of galaxy clustering data (2 positions):
Yun Wang (wang*at*, Caltech. Application details
2. Modeling galaxy populations (2 positions):
Claudia Scarlata (mscarlat*at*, University of Minnesota. Application details
Shun Saito (saitos*at*, Missouri University of Science and Technology
3. Semi-analytic galaxy mock catalogs (1 position):
Andrew Benson (abenson*at*, Carnegie Observatories. Application details
4. Large-area galaxy mock catalogs and cosmology with small-scale and non-linear statistics (1 position):
Risa Wechsler (rwechsler*at*, Stanford University. Application details (select “SIM” in the AJO application).
5. Systematics mitigation methods & flux calibration (1 position):
Nikhil Padmanabhan (nikhil.padmanabhan*at*, Yale 
6. BAO Reconstruction & systematics mitigation methods (1 position):
Hee-Jong Seo (seoh*at*, Ohio University. Application details.
7. 2-point, 3-point, & joint 2pt + 3pt  statistics (inc. covariances & likelihoods) (2 positions):
Lado Samushia (lado*at*, Kansas State
Zachary Slepian (zslepian*at*, University of Florida 
8. Cosmological analysis of galaxy clustering data (1 position):
Will Percival (will.percival*at*, Waterloo Center for Astrophysics. Application details.